Laura Scarlett Martin

Emerging Venture Capitalist, Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker and Top 100 Global Broker

Laura Scarlett Martin
Laura Scarlett Martin

Dynamic Thought Leadership

Laura Scarlett is a frequent contributor to the Globe and Mail and other outlets, having been published over 70 times. Her professional network is expansive with over 30,000 Linkedin connections, and she speaks at conferences on topics such as fintech, real estate investment, entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing and professional growth.

What sets Laura Scarlett apart is her dynamic persona, authenticity and passion for driving the Web3 & AI revolution in the real estate and mortgage industry. She enjoys moderating and participating on panel discussions as well as sharing deep insights on stage and online.

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Top 100 Global Finance Influencer

As a Top 100 Global Finance Influencer, Laura Scarlett Martin's insights and expertise are trusted by leaders and organizations around the world.

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About Laura Scarlett Martin

Laura Scarlett Martin is a neurodivergent, multi-award winning executive with an Honours BSc. in Cognitive Science from the University of Toronto. She is the C.O.O. of the top mortgage brokerage in Canada, Matrix Mortgage Global, and was named as a Top 100 Global Finance Influencer for her dynamic thought leadership.

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Laura Scarlett